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Independent Dealerships with Barden Building Systems

Four Person Crew. Three Days. Interested?

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists assure accurate, efficient on-site assembly.

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists

All wall sections, partitions and trusses are panelized in Barden's climate controlled facility. These components arrive with a Barden crane, ready to be set.

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists

Speeding on-site construction time, the panelized process minimizes crew size and skilled labor costs, an important factor when growing your business.

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists

Barden's skilled crane operator assists your crew through the wall and truss stages. Our dealers find this especially helpful when setting their first house.

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists

Barden guarantees quantities and uses only the best materials.

Barden's pre-cut girders and joists

Weather tight in days, not weeks. Mechanical rough-ins can begin.


From CAD to Completion, Build Your Customers' Dreams with Barden Building Systems.

Using CAD

With Barden Building Systems, you receive the most comprehensive range of services and support in the industry today!

Directly From the Field:

"I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with Barden Building Systems….When you are a smaller dealership like myself, having a strong, supportive team behind you is a definite plus.

As a sales person, it is very important to me to be backed by a company that provides a quality product. Knowing that the Barden product is the best in its class helps me sell it to my customers. Coming from another company that was a leader in the log home industry, it was very important to me to have a product that was as good or better. I have found that the Barden product provides just that.

Knowing that Barden offers flexible designs, a product that is one of the best in the industry, flexible delivery schedules (which customers love), and the support offered by the Barden team, makes my job of helping my customers realize their dreams a lot easier.

I appreciate the support."

Chris Connolly
Connolly Homes, Lake George, NY

We've Been In Business Over 100 Years. Helping Your Business Endure.

Workers 1969


For over 100 years Barden has remained family owned and operated. Our secret? We stand behind our product and our process.

We constantly refine and update all aspects of our business, giving our independent dealers the best possible advantage over their competition, and adjusting to the customer's changing needs and wants.

At Barden, we have an open-door policy. Bring your customers to our facility for a plant tour. Seeing is believing.

Workers Today

Directly From the Field:

"As a Barden Dealer for 25 years, we have always had the support of the Barden family. They're always ready to be involved if and when an issue arises.

Over all these years, we've exclusively promoted the Owner-Builder Program. The program offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing us to customize the program for our own area. Because we can offer a wide range of building options we have a wider client base, which in turn increases sales.

Thank you Barden Building Systems for such a long term and successful relationship."

Custom Building Services
Oxford, CT

Simplify Your Business.

Simplify Your Business - Using Computers


Directly From the Field:

"My name is Chris Hundley and I own Elite Custom Homes, an independent dealer for Barden Building Systems. After graduating Architecture school in 1998, I began my career at Barden Homes working with all the different departments to get drawings stamped and out to production.

In 2001, I began my own business featuring Barden Homes. Since then, I have built numerous homes and light commercial buildings. With Barden, my business benefits in several ways: this product is one of the best in the industry, and having every thing from drafting to production under one roof is a big time saver. My clients don't need to hire an architect or order expensive non-customizable plans online. I don't have to run from store to store to get what I need – it's all in the Barden package. The design department does a great job making sure all of the components fit together before arriving at the job site, speeding up my on-site construction time. Barden's transportation department separately times my deliveries according to my schedule, which also minimizes loose materials on my job sites. Having neat, safe job sites are standards I won't compromise, and protecting each customer's investment by minimizing the opportunity for theft is, for me, mandatory.

Another advantage is Barden's crane service. This really speeds up the time to set walls and trusses, getting the house weather tight very quickly.
The kitchen department is a great service for my customers. I provide field dimensions for Barden to design my customer's kitchen according to their needs and wants. The 3-D drawings really help my customers visualize the final look for what will become one of the most important rooms in their home. Finally, Barden's customer service department is by my side through the entire process keeping things moving and answering any questions."

-Chris Hundley
Elite Custom Homes, Auburn, NY

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Independent Dealer with a Customer

Better, faster, smarter – that's what Barden is all about. We believe in and invest in your business because we know the potential of a long-term, win-win relationship. Some of our Dealers have been on board for decades, and others for a few years. What we all have in common is the mindset that we're in this together, and we all want to build the best for our customers, and deliver a great experience along the way. Only by providing you with the best materials and support can you serve your customers better than the competition, and therefore, increase your business.

Directly From the Field:

"My business partner has been associated with Barden for over 30 years, and I'm closing in on 20 years as an independent dealer. Barden Building Systems is not only our product supplier, but a business partner that helps a small construction company create a big image in our local market.

By providing us with professional marketing materials and co-op advertising support, Barden has helped us build a local brand. With their large selection of customizable standard plans and the ability to custom design from scratch, we have the advantage of offering some thing for every one. Because of this service, we use a simple and effective slogan: "From cabin to castle, we have a plan to fit your plans."

Heil & Andrews Construction is locally known for producing energy efficient homes at reasonable prices. Our reputation is due in part to Barden's high quality, energy efficient materials. Using Barden's panelized system allows us to enclose a weather-tight shell in days, not weeks. This, coupled with getting the majority of materials from one supplier produces a consistent quality product and on-site time savings. The time we save allows us to have multiple jobs going on at once. This in turn saves our customers money, as we can spread our operating costs over many projects.

Working with the family atmosphere at Barden has been a very rewarding experience, and all of us at Heil & Andrews Construction look forward to continuing our long relationship."

-Jim Andrews
Heil & Andrews Construction Inc.
Gerry, NY


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