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What Does YOUR Dream Home Look Like?

Whether you've been dreaming about your perfect home for months or years, or just started thinking about the kind of home you'd really like to live in, Barden Custom Home Builders offers a wealth of information to get you started.

With the customer at the forefront of its concern, Barden has revolutionized the customization of homes, commercial buildings and churches into a friendly, fast and affordable process.

Dream It

What features would you like in your new home? Make a list of the things that are most important to you. Consider such things as size of living area, number of bathrooms, handicapped accessibility, etc.

ENERGY STAR buildings use 30% less energy than conventional new buildings. They are built more energy efficient, and use the latest technologies and building practices. For many years, Barden has been an industry leader in energy-efficient construction. Its standard construction specifications adds quality and value for buyers, and exceed the Energy Star Program requirements. The Barden material package is more efficient than many state building codes.

We offer almost 200 set of plans for you to review on our web site. These will give you a good starting point for your dream house. These plans can then be customized to fit your family's needs.


Why Barden?


Sample Floor PlanPrecision Designed Custom Home Plans

Barden features custom drafting and design departments specifically for capturing the fine points of your custom home design into buildable-construction plans.

Regardless of the style of house that you select, our design team translates your plan, along with any minor or major revisions, into the actual working documents that you will use to apply for your building permit.

We work hard to prepare your plans so that they can be used as a common language between your site, Mason, Framer, Roofer, and other sub-contractors in the quoting and construction phases of your project.

Interactive Video Tours

View the interiors of several Barden custom homes, including living areas, kitchen and dining areas, bedrooms, foyers, and bathrooms.

Interactive Videos