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About Barden Churches

Barden Manufacturing ProcessWhether it's a Traditional, Colonial or Contemporary Church design, the Barden team will provide you with just the right Church building design to fit into your neighborhood - attracting new people to come in and be a part of your Church Family.

The Barden Church team of professionals will assist you through planning, designing, costing, manufacturing and delivery. Before you know it, the construction is complete and you are ready to occupy and use your beautiful new Barden Church!

The real advantage of panelized construction comes from the manufacturing process. At Barden's manufacturing facility, panels are constructed on wall jigs, allowing for square and evenly spaced studs. They are inspected and numbered to correspond to a detailed set of plans. Then, trained operators run a stapling bridge that attaches sheathing to the wall panels six inches on center. Each staple is center-fired on the studs with a precision and power that could never be achieved in the field, enhancing the strength and durability of the finished panels.

After the components are constructed they are delivered to the site, and craned into place. Deliveries are scheduled every two to three days as needed. This efficient and careful process means that a weather-tight, lockable church can be erected in just one to two weeks.

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